How's Declan on the baby front? Any chance we might see some doodles? Pretty pleeease!

Declan is still nervous as heck but he’s also pretty excited! :D

There is a chance for some doodles but I can’t make any real promises here, I’m sorry! Still feeling deep down in the dumps when it comes to life and art sooo… yeah. :C I’m working hard on the problem, I really am! It’s just taking longer than expected! :C

Is Cameron still a (main) character now that he and charlie are no longer an item? I was just wondering since I really like him and I don't want him to be gone. D:

Cam won’t go anywhere! :D I really love him, too! I have plans for him. Not sure what exactly those plans are but yeah, he’ll definitely stay around! :D


Declan’s gonna be a dad in late October/early November! Whoo! He’s pretty nervous about it, of course, and he’s getting on Malachy’s nerves all the time. Well, not really since Mal is pretty chill about it ‘cause he’s been in that situation, too. He just has to pull himself together to not laugh at his little brother all the time because sometimes Declan comes up with REALLY weird, not-likely-to-happen-scenarios about being a father. Like, "OMG and what if I drop the kid? What if it accidentally eats his pacifier one day and chokes on it? What if it’s allergic to fresh air!? THAT SHIT HAPPENS I’VE READ ABOUT IT. I’d have to keep it inside all the time. I WILL NEVER SEE THE SUNLIGHT AGAIN!" and Mal’s just like "Yeah. Right. Okay. Legit worries. I get you."

Declan’s still cute as ever and that will never change. xD

Bit of a general question, but Holly and Charlie finished their education by now right? So what are the plans? More education, maybe a PhD, or working? Has Holly met any new cool people to hang out with lately? (not romantically of course)

Ah yeah, cool question! :D

Charlie is currently working full-time in the play school (it was part-time before) but she’s looking for something else, a streetworker position since she really wants to work with older, troubled kids and help them finding their way and all. There are currently no plans for a PhD or any other higher education levels!

Holly took a full-time job in a cake factory, decorating cakes and cupcakes and all (hello Amy! :D). She enjoys it but she knows it won’t be forever ‘cause there’s still that plan to open up her own place and all. But well, work experience and all. There’s still time for everything else! She knows she’ll make her way, being the ambitious little power package she is. :D

The girls still share a flat but yeah, both have met other people to hang out with and it’s not that they’re growing apart or anything, they just spend the majority of their time with others now that they no longer meet on the same campus every day! Holly has also spent a lot of time with Millie, btw! They get along quite well and while Holly is sometimes annoyed by her antics (and that little crush Millie developed on her) she values her company anyway.

Charlie found a new friend in her new co-worker, Drew. She’s not looking for a new relationship at this point buuuuuuut Drew might be. WHO KNOWS! 8D

How did James get that scar around his waistline and why did he get his nipple pierced?

The scar is an appendix scar and the piercing happened ‘cause he felt like it. :D

I don't know if it's been asked before, but I don't remember having read it and maybe the answer changed if it was. James, what are your thoughts on moving back to Australia? What holds you in Boston right now? Is it money or something else (your friends for example)?

James: Money holds me here in first case. Also… Charlie. And my other friends. I dunno. I miss Brisbane, I really do. Man. There’s no going back for me at the moment, though. Just can’t afford it. My parents brought me here and I’m stuck, I guess. Great. Fuck.

Is/was Mama O'Connell afraid of any critters? Frogs, lizards, mice, etc?

She’s not! Papa O’Connel, however, has a little problem with those things and kinda passed that on to his sons. xD

Does Holly ever need help dying her hair? I have my own head cannon where sometimes she'll have a spa day with Jill & Charlie. Jill will help dye the back of Holly's head & Holly returns the favor. As for Charlie? She helps eat the cupcakes Holly baked.

Oooh, I’m sorry to disappoint but there are no girly fun times when it comes to Holly doing her stuff. She’s very practical, she rather likes to do that kind of stuff herself! :D

She’d help others out sometimes but when it comes to her own head - ooh, no touchey!

This may seem weird, but how does everybody treat the waiter/waitress at restaurants?

This is not at all a weird question since you can tell a lot about people by watching how they treat their waiter/waitress (or any member of any staff)! :)

Charlie, Jill, Jerry and the O’Connells (minus Kieran) like to engage them in little conversations and treat them nicely all around! They also tip very generously most of the time. Unless the waiter/waitress was an arse or anything. They don’t make a huge deal but they leave without a tip then.

Holly tips but she’s quite curt with anyone she meets so there’s usually no small talk or anything. Same with Kieran. He’s nice but he’s often too busy/too distracted by stuff so he never really feels like talking. He’s more likely to pour his heart out to a barista at night. xD

Cam’s a waiter/barista himself so he tips generously and is usually nice but he’s also not afraid to call someone out when they’re lazy/unfriendly/whatever. He knows the job is tough/annoying and that people deserve second chances but his patience is limited with people who don’t even try to be nice to customers. Same with James. James will treat anyone friendly (believe it or not!) but try to mess with him and you have to deal with the consequences.

I keep seeing things about Kieran and James kicking the bucket too soon, and I'm wondering how? I can't seem to find it anywhere :/

Oh, you don’t find it anywere because I never specified it anywhere. ;) It’s just thoughts so far, I’m not sure how it’s gonna happen and if it’s gonna happen at all. :D

Kieran might get killed in action one day. He’s a policeman and while his job is much less exciting than all those crime shows suggest he might still get into a dangerous situation one day so there’s that.

But well, as I said: No facts yet. Just thoughts. :)